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My Personal Laundry Man

Before I get married, I was honest with my spouse that I never like to do the laundry. Even when he told me that, it’s easier to do laundry, as there are washer and dryer who could help me with the work. Nevertheless, I still don’t want to do it, I guess I was traumatizing to do the laundry due to my previous experiences during my younger days. In order to split the house chores, my other half has no choice but to accept that chore.
We had the coldest January since 10 years ago, in order prevent our bills from soaring high; this is one thing hubby thinks to do. Instead of using the dryer to dry all the clothes we have been drying them using the drying rack. Therefore, we bought one to relieve us from using the dryer all the time. 


  1. during the winter we tend to hang dry some of our clothes too - not only for cost effectiveness, but also because of adding some humidity back into the air.

  2. your right u can save more money in that using the drying rack.i used to do that before I love it I just don't have place to put the dryer rack.maybe im start using it now since I see u doing it I can put it in our spare bedroom which we use it for storage of our stuff that we don't use it.


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