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Why Moms Should Book an Appointment for a Spa Day

When you’re a mom, you spend most of your day taking care of kids. Once you have driven them to school or their extracurricular activities, you have just enough time to run your errands, do the cleaning, or make some dinner. This doesn’t leave any time for pampering yourself. It barely leaves enough time to wash your hair, let alone get to the salon for a haircut and style. However, there are many benefits for making time for just that. Here are some reasons you should book an appointment at Devachan Salon or another great salon today.

Feel Great
Spending a day at the salon can really make a difference with how you feel about yourself. When it comes to moms, they often leave their cares and concerns for last. If they have a spare second, they will consider eating lunch before heading out the door. They throw their hair up into a bun instead of taking the time to curl and style it. After neglecting your looks for a while, you may find that you begin feeling negatively about yourself. You may find that you don’t feel good about yourself at all. Taking the time to go to a salon every once in a while can help you feel better about your looks. You will feel more confident and able as you go about your busy life.

More Energy
If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of those around you. You need to take time out for yourself every once in a while so you can relax and rejuvenate. If you continue to go, go, go, without taking time for yourself, you will run out of energy and you won’t be able to do your daily work. You won’t be able to help your family. Mothers often forget themselves as they help those around them, but it will cause you to run yourself into the ground. Take a little time to pamper yourself.

Something for Everyone
Another great reason why you should book an appointment at Devachan Salon today is because there is something for everyone there. No matter what type of service you enjoy, you are sure to find what you want there. You can get your hair done, choose a massage, get a pedicure, have something waxed, or anything else you think would feel good.


  1. "me"- time that is what we Moms need once in awhile, I also go for a spa to relax and feel energized :)

  2. How I wish to book an appointment but it is so expensive, I just wait until I can go home in Asia so I can afford it.

  3. So true, moms love so greatly they always care for themselves last, they deserve all the care and pampering back

  4. waaaahh, when was the last time I had a spa day, it's all over Davao though but not a chance, lol... though I always have this neighbor who do us regular hilot...but I always have this me time outside of the spa. Very nice article sis, thanks for sharing.

  5. I'm not a mom but I always make sure to have my day of pampering religiously. It helps that I have a vain husband who goes with me and also get all the works done.

  6. oh, how nice is that to give yourself a day off and pamper yourself....looking great there mami!

  7. A day in the spa would be so perfect for moms who have no time to relax at home. They could just go to the salon for a well-deserved spa.. :)

  8. I have never had a spa treatment so it would be nice to experience even for once.

  9. It's really important for moms and busy women to take a break and treat themselves to a "spa day." After all that they've been doing, they deserve some special me-time!

  10. I am not a Mom just yet but I can imagine the rigorous errands and tasks that Moms had to accomplish! I do go to work and despite the busy and hectic weekdays, I always make sure that the weekends is a time for me to pamper myself. I thank God for a wonderful husband who goes with me each time!


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