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Fire Escapes for Your Home or Apartment Building

The thought of fire engulfing your home is a horrifying one. Fire can spread so quickly that family members may become trapped before they can escape through ground-level doors or windows. If you live in a multi-story home or apartment building, it is crucial to be prepared with a good fire escape system. You can order portable ladders for multi-story buildings as one option. For companies such as Evolution Iron Works, metal fabrication of permanent ladders or stairs is also a possibility. What type is best for you?
Portable Ladders

If your home is taller than a single story, jumping out of a window to escape a fire could mean suffering from severe injuries or death, especially for small children or the elderly. Portable ladders provide a quick method of getting outside the building and down to the ground to safety. The ladder, which hooks over a window sill, is unrolled or unfolded down the side of the house. High-quality portable ladders include “standoffs,” which keep the ladder far enough away from the wall to allow your feet and toes enough room to gain solid purchase on each rung. If you store such ladders in rooms above the first floor, be sure to train all family members in how to quickly deploy them during an emergency, as well as learning how to climb down safely. And just like office and public buildings do, surprise your family with periodic fire drills to help them practice escaping during a fire emergency.
Permanent Fire Escapes

If you like the peace of mind that a permanent fire escape would bring, you certainly have the option of building a custom escape onto the side of your home or apartment building. It might be a sturdy metal ladder attached to the exterior wall or a series of steps and landings. Permanent ladders are fairly simple and very cost effective. During the heat of the moment, residents will not have to fumble with a portable ladder, and the metal ladders can hold a lot of weight. Unfortunately, ladders are also trickier to navigate, and nearly impossible to climb if you are carrying a child or have hurt an arm. If you are worried about elderly or very young residents, stairs and landings are a better option for a permanent fire escape structure. For companies such as Evolution Iron Works, metal fabrication is easily customized for your needs and budget, and they can help you make wise decisions for the type of fire escape that will suit your situation. Remember, whatever fire escape system you have in your home or apartment, everyone needs to be comfortable and familiar in how to use it. Don’t neglect those fire drills! If the worst should happen, the training you give your family members will help them be much more likely to safely escape a house fire.


  1. We only have portable ladders, no fire escape ladders.

  2. This is a must have for anyone with 2 (or more) story houses.


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