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Goodies from my loving Sister

It was last year when I was surprised to receive the big package from my sister in Laguna, Philippines. I did not look forward to the package that early to arrive, that is why I was really thrilled that my loving husband carry’s this huge with him from the post office. I mentioned in my other blog about how our mails being delivered here in our new place. Since, we moved into a different town, the way mails being transported are way, unlike from what I’ve used to practice. Previously, it was a door-to-door delivery; this time – not. We determined to get a post office box that way all the deliveries will go directly to the assigned box for us. It is not free as we have yearly subscriptions.

Anyways, I was very happy to receive my sister’s parcel as it contains of the stuffs I dearly miss as well as munchies for my son. I never got to see them in the Asian store here so I figured out to request a few of them. To make the long story short, we enjoy the goodies we get from my loving family in the Philippines.

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  1. Oi wow! Bale LBC na sya mommy? Pila pud padala from Philippines to US?


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