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Why Iro is a smart irrigation controller

Innovation is what we most desire to smear in our home. The more we utilize technologies the better and easier, and safer for us to be at home. There are so many things that we can employ towards the adornment of our abode. One of them is the installation of Rachio Smart controller at What is this for those who were not familiar with what does the smart controller does for you? If you have a big yard and would love to maintain its beauty the only possible and simplest way to keep them healthy is to install the nice sprinkler. It is a tackle that would manage to sustain the beauty of our yard. How can you enjoy your yard with Rachio’s product is very simple.

It can be operated with your Smartphone, which I think most people have now. You can control the sprinkler or assign a schedule whenever you want through your Smartphone. The best thing about this is that there is no knob or button rather the system is controlled through an app on your Smartphone. This is created to facilitate and simplify as well as to give the owner a convenient and trouble free experiences.

What makes the Rachio better than the other sprinkler aside from being controlled through a Smartphone application? It knows about the weather, seasonality and adjusts correspondingly. It learns from you, as you are the one to instruct it about the unique attribute in your yard and continues to modify your schedule, as it gets smarter.

Let us help ourself find the easiest and smartest way to enjoy life at the same time, have fun of what technology can offer to us. 


  1. life easier nowadays with these handy technologies, a garden sprinkler operated via a smartphone - cool :)

  2. Wow, now that's a smart way to control it as you will always have your smart phone with you so it is not hard to operate it.

  3. wow, that's a great design and feature, having to control the irrigator with the smart phone :)

  4. Wow, a smartphone-controlled sprinkler, definitely a very convenient option.

  5. this is so cool knowing that you can operate it using your smart phone! its a must now since everyone is using smartphones haha

  6. Sprinkler systems are God sent especially when you're out on vacation in the summer. They can be programmed accordingly. Having a system with the option to operate it via smart phone is outright cool.

  7. It's amazing that you can control a lot of things now using our smartphones. Best thing about this is you can go on vacation and not worry about your lawns. Coolbeans! :)

  8. Nice! I like that it can be controlled using smart phone. How convenient!

  9. We need that Mommy N especially in the summer to keep the grass green :-) We hired somebody to fertilize our grass but it does cost a lot of money as we have a big backyard :-(


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