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My Purple Ash-New York Low Heel boot by #Sandgrens

One of women’s favorite collections is shoes, no matter how many pairs they collect they are willing to collect more. I admit and guilty that I am one of them, though I need to think million times to get one pair, as I have most priorities in life to deal with. I recently received one from a very generous sponsor. Sometimes, as a human being, I have a weakness and I gave in, to get me one. I also compromise on what to acquire.

That’s why I’m very delighted that Sandgrens a Swedish clogs website has a prospect for me. I was overwhelmed with the new product they have to share with me. I received the product sample in the mail faster than I could ever think. I’ve never had any clog boots before, so this would be my very first to own one.  I went ahead to their website and try the offered boots, they carry, I find the nice New York Low Hell boot – purple ash with retail price of $269.00. It is an eye catching and I never hesitated to pick the purple ash rather than the black color it also have.  

The New York clog boots have become one of our most popular boots and what’s not to love about this fashionable style? They come with an inside-zipper and a v-cut design, featuring a strap with a sleek buckle. This Sandgrens’ New York Boots features a low-heel Swedish Alder wood base, soft Horween Nubuc leather and come with silver nail heads.

Heel height: 1.75” (4.45 cm) 

It feels comfortable and great on my feet..

I am overwhelmed with the New York Low Heel Boot, I fell in love the minute I saw and wear it. They are the most comfortable, warm, and light boot I’ve ever had. I wear them around the house as it’s been horribly snowing outside and of course, I love my shoes, I take good care of them all. However, when the snow melts which I hope sooner, I can’t wait to wear this outside the very classy and high quality boot I obtain.
They offer great quantity of fabulous designs online, check out the website at for more. Get your own clogs to pair up with your dashing outfit and enjoy fashion with their marvelous clog shoes.

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A disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I received the New York Boots from Sandgrens for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine. 


  1. Looks like they're really comfortable and sounds like they're of really high quality.

  2. You picked a good color. It will be perfect for Spring :-)

  3. Awww, am jelly hehehe. This is what I wanted to buy from their website but I can't afford lol.

  4. oh, wow, you chose very well Novs, love the sporty look of it, and looks very comfortable

  5. THe quality of their footwear is what I love!

  6. Wow! I would love to receive a pair of those for free too but looking at it now, I wouldn't mind buying a pair. Looks like a high-quality footwear.

  7. Mommy Nova,
    I love your boots and the color you picked too. I like Sangrens footwear. It is comfortable and durable too :-)

  8. Just what I need! I love the roomy style, it gives toes a lot of wiggling space. The gray nubuc leather is to die for! Lucky you!

  9. Nice pair of boots sis. Looks very comfy on your feet.

  10. I thought they only have sandals. That boots is cute and love the color.

  11. Oh my glob!!! That's the one I wanted to review before but they didn't have my size so I settled for the Seoul clogs which I love, love dearly!!! Good choice Nova! I love those boots and one day, I will buy them too. Just after Christmas, I bought a Rio Grande Low Heels clogs from them with a 20% discount. I love Sandgrens!


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