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Want A Hassle Free Garden? Here Are 5 Ideas To Cut Down On Your Workload

Sometimes there just isn’t enough hours in the day to get all our jobs around the home done. We seem to be working harder and for longer hours than ever before. The last thing we need is to spend all of our free time working, when we should be relaxing.

Our garden is arguably the biggest weekend chore. There are lawns to be mowed, borders to be weeded, and hedges to be cut. So we spend our weekends working to maintain a garden that we never have time to relax in and enjoy. Something must be done.

We will take a look today, at some methods that can be employed to make your garden a little a little easier to maintain at weekends. Yes, it will need work to begin with but it is time well invested.
photo not mine

The Lawn

Would you consider replacing your lawn with a maintenance free medium? Gravel gardens are all the rage lately. They are simple to create and need no maintenance other than an occasional treatment with weed killer.

To create your gravel garden:
Remove all of the existing turf either by hand or by using a turf cutter.
Edge the area to be utilised. This can be with plastic lawn edging or by using a wooden product that comes in rolls.
Lay a weed resistant membrane.
Put a layer of gravel at least two inches thick down.
That’s it. You will never have to mow the lawn again. Success.


The use of garden decking is another great way of removing the need for regular maintenance from an area. 
photo not mine

A decking project can be a simple ground level rectangle or something complex. The decking in the image is being used to cover a slope that may be hard to mow. It will have handrails installed and will look stunning. Decking lasts for years with no maintenance once installed and is a very good investment.


The use of paving is another good weapon in your armory. Again, it can be as simple or as ornate as you choose. Paving slabs can be laid by simply digging down a few inches and compacting sand and hardcore into the hole. Then another layer of sand goes on top before the slabs go down. Basic slabs are very cheap and do a good job.

The first image makes good use of a variation on crazy paving. Using large broken sandstone slabs, the designer has managed to cover a large area quickly. This style of paving is best laid on a bed of mortar mixed to 5 parts sand and one part cement. Mortar is needed as the pieces are not butting together and supporting one another.

Concrete would be my last choice of material for paving in the garden as it looks plain and industrial. There are companies out there, however, who lay colored concrete and ‘print’ a pattern onto it with the use of molds.

Flower Beds

Weeding is a constant pain to some people while others find it therapeutic. To cut down on weeds, cover borders with a 2 inch layer of bark chippings which will remain effective throughout the summer. For a more permanent solution, lay some weed resistant membrane and cover with 2 inches of chipped stone or another attractive medium. Your plants will continue growing happily, and  the coverings will help the soil to retain moisture.

Even if you only utilize one or two of these handy tips, you will be able to spend time enjoying your garden rather than working in it. Buy some comfortable garden furniture and a good bottle of booze, and, on a hot summer day, sit back and survey your empire. That’s the way it should be.


  1. That is my "Is A Must" this coming month, there are vegerable plants that I need to pull out and change.

  2. because we only have a small backyard space i create a potted vegetable garden, it is easy to maintain and i can put them anywhere i want hihi

  3. I can't wait to start a garden this year. I just wish spring is early this year so I can start planning my backyard.Good tips.

  4. I'm thinking of beautiful blooms in our balcony. I can't wait for Spring to come :-)

    Valuable tips, by the way.

  5. hmmm I think I really should spend more time in our yard. Our garden needs a fixing like the ones you shared. A pavement would be awesome and I would love flower beds! :)

  6. I wish we could have a garden also. living, big blah!

  7. thankfully, we have a small backyard i don't really have to spend a lot of time gardening, though i love gardening, but i also love nature wandering, thus a small backyard allows me to garden but not much to use up all my time, so that i can balance gardening with nature wandering

  8. i miss having a garden to maintain. i live in a shoe box for many years now, but i still dream of living in a landed property with spacious front yard and backyard for gardening.

  9. Gorgeous! One of my long time dream is to have a beautiful garden with different stuff like water feature and beautiful flowers and walkway.

  10. If you feel that you need to trim your garden, then do it, if it's eating your time. Just practice time management for everything you do.

  11. I only have flower beds but would love to have my own garden. I would love to plant veggies like beans, pepper and tomatoes :-)

  12. I should garden again soon! I hope it rains, too.. we did not have rains in the past month it's difficult to have a garden with this heat.

  13. The picture you included in the post is a nice little backyard which I dream to have. So far, I'm not worried about keeping a tidy garden as I don't have any in our living arrangement here. BUt it pays to know these tips.

  14. Unfortunately, I have no lawn to mow or garden to take care but these tips will be of help to me once my MANSION is done. LOL!!

  15. I am hoping to have my own garden one day. I would love to decorate it and plant my favorite plants. Maintaining is another issue but I am hoping I can make it too.

  16. I don't really mind working on my own garden because at the end of the process, it gives me fulfillment and satisfaction, and refreshment as well, to see a nice and productive work done in a day! I hope to have my own garden when I have my own property. :)

  17. I love gardening and my garden isn't complete without flowers in it. It's a mixture of bushes and colorful flowers.


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