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Scaling a Mountain Safely: The Rules

When climbing a mountain, no matter your age, gender, height, or weight; it’s essential that you follow proper safety precautions and scale the mountain safely. This can be difficult for first timers and smaller, lighter people, as they have to carry just as much as taller, heavier people. To help you prepare for your climb, we’ve put together the rules on climbing a mountain safely. Ignore them at your own risk!

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The Rules of Scaling a Mountain Safely

·        Plan your hiking/climbs carefully. You need to know how long you’ll be climbing for and the difficulty level in order to be prepared properly. This will also allow you to start training properly beforehand to reduce risk of injury.
·        Make sure you look at the weather forecast before every excursion you do. While you’re on the excursion, you should also look out for any changes - anything can happen, especially when it comes to the weather. Mountain hut proprietors should be able to give you information about the local weather. 

·        When choosing your excursion, it’s important that you choose one suited to your fitness level. You shouldn’t just go thinking you’re going to climb Everest or Island peak, without preparing your body physically. 

·        You’ll need to develop a suitable walking pace for your climb. You should never go too fast, as this can cause altitude sickness on a high mountain. Everyone will suffer from altitude sickness in some way or another, but you can lessen the burden by taking it slow, taking in the views around you, and enjoying the experience.

·        You’ll need to make sure you have enough water to last you on your climb. Not only is water the best medicine for altitude sickness, it’ll keep you alert and energized. Snacks like whole meal bread, dried fruit, and nuts are recommended to keep your energy levels up.

·        Make sure you have the correct equipment, from appropriate clothing, helpful gear, and the especially important sturdy footwear. A good pair of shoes will give your joints support and reduce the risk of injury.

·        You should always carry with you a first aid kit, and spare clothing just in case you get wet or there is a change in the weather. 

·        You shouldn’t just consider yourself in a mountain climb. You should also consider other members of your party; give them advice if needed and help them if they need first aid.
·       You should treat nature with as much respect as you possibly can. Don’t leave any rubbish behind and make sure you look after any animals/plants you might come across.
·     Always follow the designated path. Veering off the trail is a very bad idea that could even result in death.

It doesn’t matter how strong, tall, small, fast, or old you are - everyone should adhere to these rules to get the most out of their mountain climb. Above all else, make sure you enjoy yourself as much you can and stay focused on the end goal - reaching the summit. You’ll feel a great sense of pride and achievement! 


  1. great tips, I love the mountains, it's just so inspiring to be in it, and when you experience it deeper, it strengthens you in so many ways.

  2. These are surely great practical tips to ensure safety in the mountains. Anything can go wrong while mountain climbing so it's something you really have to prepare for.

  3. I wonder if I will ever gather enough strength and courage to climb mountains. Must be a good experience.

  4. Valuable tips. I wonder however, if I will ever get to experience mountain climbing in my lifetime.

  5. First aid kit is always a must when you travel especially when you go on a hike.

  6. These are very helpful tips to those who likes to explore the mountain. Nothing beats when we are ready all the time

  7. It's good to know all those stuff especially for those who wish to embark on mountain climbing and trekking. I'm not that adventurous so I don't know if I'll be able to practice any of those but it's good to know because it pays to have knowledge on safety and first aid rules when you're in the wilderness.

  8. Helpful tips these surely are! I am a mountain lover myself, and back then, we love mountain climbing with friends. Now, I am not sure if I still am capable to do it.

  9. Those are very valuable tips! I wonder when will I gather the courage to climb my first mountain :) When I finally do, I will read this again to make sure I climb safely. :)


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