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Souvenirs from our Road Trip

It is one thing we always wanted to do whenever we go on a simple road trip or a very long vacation. We tend to obtain something from the place we visited as our remembrance to the memories we endeavor. These souvenirs were signs of our collections or memories we would like to remember whenever we see the items we brought along with us during those trips/travels.

I’m thankful that we went to explore the place of Hershey last year. It was one of my goals to be in the place and see the things with my own two eyes where I only see on televisions. Luckily, last year was our time for travel, and finally visited the place and sees the sights we don’t often discover. I love it there and would love to explore more aside from the places we’ve been.

As far as I remember, I’ve collected souvenir from the different attractions we’ve been in during our trip. It was fun, even more fun when you don’t know exactly what kind of keepsake you’ll get for remembrance. 

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