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Choosing the Perfect Live Music for Your Wedding

Los Angeles wedding bands like West Coast Soul can make your wedding truly special. Unlike a DJ playing pre-recorded music, a live band can read the crowd and use their energy to help everyone to have a good time on the dance floor all night long. Learn how to choose the perfect band for your special day.

Choose Your Style of Music
The first step to choosing your wedding band is to pick the type of music that fits with your own personal style. Whether it’s country, pop, or a little bit of everything, you want to find a band who can cater to your crowd of family and friends. Try to see the band live if possible—this will let you get the best feel for their style and level of energy.
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Preparing Your Venue
Make sure you do your research and talk with your band ahead of time so you know what’s needed to help the event run smoothly. Your band will want to know what your location is like so they can prepare accordingly. Some important factors to consider are the size and acoustics of your venue, and whether or not there will be electricity. Most bands need electric hookups to be able to run their microphones, amplifiers, and instruments. However, you can often make up for this with a generator at your location. You should also make plans for parking so they can load and unload their equipment easily, and discuss safety issues like covering wires running across the ground.

During the Wedding
Although you’ll have plenty of time to prepare with your band beforehand, on the day of the wedding, you’ll be leaving a lot of the responsibility up to them. They will be responsible for coordinating with your other wedding planners for events like toasts and cake-cutting, so everyone is on the same schedule. They’ll also be constantly watching the crowd to make sure they’re enjoying the music, and will do their best to choose songs that all your guests can enjoy. Experienced bands like West Coast Soul can transform your wedding into a truly memorable event with a few well-timed songs.


  1. We hired two singers during our wedding, it provided us some entertainment.

  2. I love live band and I wish I had this on my wedding. Although we had wedding singers but there was no live music. Oh well! maybe on my wedding anniversary I will hire a live band

  3. Awe! My husband and I chose our wedding songs too and I sang on our wedding day. :)


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