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Four more weeks before bowling season ends

I better blog about this event before Thursday comes. I took this photo last Thursday during my husband’s bowling league tournament at Jamestown, NY Bowling Lane. The reason why I’m writing about their league now it’s because starting the night I took the picture it was the 5th night before the league ends. I’ve been an audience with their league since I migrated here. Decided not to join the team yet, as I’m not a pro bowler, although they never care at all. Their main purpose is to have fun sports during the winter season and has something to look forward every Thursday night whenever the bowling season starts. 
four weeks left...count downs begin... they bowl by themselves...

Anyways, that night they bowled by themselves, this is what happened when there is an odd team member. We were supposed to be done before everyone else, as we won’t wait for another team to bowl. However, it’s the other way around; we end up leaving the lane last.

Take note some of the members showed up 30 minutes after the team starts playing. My husband’s team [which btw, his 2 sisters and their friend] was just starting while others were already half of their first frame. It doesn’t help at all when there is one player who is constantly needing to be reminded to go and bowl. Why? Too busy to chit chat with her friends or do other things, just funny to think yet irritating sometimes when you want to get home earlier.

What would be this coming Thursday story would be. By the end of the 3rd frame, it seems they beat their average scores in order to win the games. 

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