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Looking for a Brighter More Attractive Kitchen Design? Here are Some Top Tips to Achieve the Modern Look

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It is a fact that the kitchen is the workhorse of our home. It suffers from heavy wear and tear on a daily basis and is constantly attacked by moisture and cleaning chemicals. Every ten of fifteen years a kitchen is sure to need a revamp. Perhaps yours has been tidied up a few times with new cabinet doors and handles. Now, however, the time has come to replace it with a shiny new modern design.

You will find some helpful information here to guide you through your kitchen design process and to help you achieve stunning results.

The kitchen floor needs to be tough. Nothing comes close to the strength of ceramic tiles. They are easy to clean, though can be a little cold underfoot. Under floor heating is a perfect solution to cold feet. Intricate patterned tiles have no place in the streamlined kitchen so opt for plain tiles or maybe stone effect, as in the first image.

Maybe you would prefer laminate flooring in your kitchen. This option now comes in many shades and designs, even imitation tile. It is warmer than ceramic tiling and, though not as durable, it is fairly robust. Use a good quality thermal underlay if you select this option.

The longevity of your kitchen lies in the quality of the cabinets. Buy the best you can afford to be sure that doors won’t be sagging after a couple of years. The cabinets can be bought independently of the doors as they are mostly made to standard sizes.
Cheap cabinets do not have adjustable legs. They are assembled and stand directly on the floor. This means that they are harder to level and if they ever get wet, from spillage for example, the chipboard absorbs the liquid and swells. This can cause the cabinets to move apart or may even affect the level of the worktop. Water damage certainly ruins the cabinets.

Doors and Drawers
To bring the space age into your kitchen, would you consider doing away with handles? They were once an important decorative feature but are no longer required thanks to the latest door and drawer catches. Perhaps you will choose to keep them, however, and you will find many futuristic designs from which to select. Keeping them plain and simple is the key. There is little room in the modern kitchen for heavily ornate handles.

There are amazing materials available for your worktops. Stone, however, will last the test of time. It is expensive to begin with but simply oozes class once installed.
There are some chipboard worktops on the market that have a gloss laminate finish. Avoid them wherever possible as they scratch very easily and look cheap in a matter of days.

If you are fitting the kitchen yourself and using laminated worktops, invest in a good quality router and jig for cutting them. Perfect joints are required or your kitchen will look cheap and nasty.

The sink is a noticeable feature in the kitchen. 

photo is not mine
As in the image above, a space age sink that is installed below a stone worktop, with contemporary taps, enhances the image you are trying to create. Avoid brown or any other colored plastic sinks. Choose stainless steel or white ceramic to keep the clean look. Sinks these days often have two bowls, which is very useful indeed. How about a waste disposal unit fitted under your sink? Smelly and ugly waste bins could become a thing of the past.

A modern lighting system plays a vital role in the overall design. Install fire rated downlights in the ceiling and led lighting wherever needed. Browsing different lighting solutions that are available will often suggest to you where lighting can best employed in your kitchen. An ugly central fluorescent light fitting should avoid at all cost. There are many modern track systems or halogen spot light fittings that will do a great job and look attractive. The mood of the room can be set with the correct scheme.

Wherever possible, it is standard practice in a new kitchen to use built in appliances. A washing machine, fridge, and tumble dryer will all fit modern cabinets and kits are available for adapting the cabinet doors where necessary. Of course, suitable drainage will be needed when positioning some appliances but with a healthy budget available, anything can be achieved.

The cooking hob is best kept as an integral part of the worktop. Manufacturers have been very innovative in this field. A built in oven will take some of the strain from your back and a slick new kettle or toaster will not break the bank. These are the small appliances that stay mainly on view, so don’t skimp on the little things.

Splash backs and Kickboards
Renew your old patterned 1970’s splash back tiles with something a little more modern. New materials will enable them to be bought in the same color as the doors and drawer fronts. Alternatively, you may consider using brushed stainless steel. Good old white tiles go with everything if they are all your budget will allow.

The kickboards are often an underrated feature of the modern kitchen. Be sure that only one board is fitted along the entire run of cabinets. Each cabinet having its own separate board gives the impression of low quality and cheapness. The kickboard does an important job and can take a bashing over the years. Stainless steel boards may be an option for you. They are easy to clean and will last forever.

The main theme running through any contemporary kitchen design is the uncluttered, clean lines. You probably have lots of gadgets accumulated over the years from television shopping channels and such like. As a rule of thumb, if you haven’t used it for two years, throw it away. Hide all of your useful gadgets away in your new cupboards and keep the surfaces clear as far as possible.

By taking your time and searching the internet and magazines for inspiration, it is not difficult to design a modern, stylish kitchen without the help of computer programs. Apply the principles detailed above and the result will be stunning. 


  1. My cousin recently had some plumbing problems, and now has to remodel her kitchen. This post will be helpful to her. Also, I am a fan of uncluttered clean lines. I try to keep my countertops free from all of my gadgets and small appliances.

  2. Our kitchen badly needs an upgrade but we don't have budget yet.


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