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Family Picnic 2013

Everyone seems so thrilled whenever the family has a picnic plans. As it’s one of those times of the year that my husband’s Aunts, Cousins gathered together just to hang around each other. A simple meal and chit chat is what mostly it’s going on. It is a great feeling when you see everyone in one place taking the benefits of just relaxing and eating/drinking. It doesn’t require being in a fancy location and classy foods as long as you have everything on its simple way would be just ideal.

2013 Family Picnic
This is an overdue picture, but like what they said, it’s better late than never. I consider that because of the other things I have in mind, I have to dig up the pictures, as it was being swathed with the other pictures I assemble last year.

The day goes smooth and another memory we accumulate with each other. It’s nice to hear something new and kept posted on what’s happening in your family’s life once in awhile. 

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