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The 5 Essential Ingredients of a Memorable Bachelorette Night

You can’t believe it…your BFF is getting married. You’ve been best friends since you were, like, five and now she’s getting hitched to that loser she met at the Bowling Alley. How can your besty marry a man she met at a Bowling Alley? It sucks. But as the Maid of Honour, you’ve been crowned the Queen of Bachelorette Nights, so one rockin’ Bachelorette Night coming up ladies, says you ever so humbly!

Okay, you’ve never done a Bachelorette Night before, but you sure know how to make a party swing in a big way, so step back boys, the Queen of Bachelorette do’s is coming on through!

The Entertainment

You made up your list in order of importance, so you figure entertainment should be right at the top. You’re not so sure about Kylie because she can be a bit snobby sometimes, but you think the very best way to get this night rocking is to order a whole heap of girlie toys from Naughty But Nice, your absolute fave website.

The Place

You know Kylie would probably want one of those fancy-schmancy clubs but it’s out of the question. Charlene offered you her one bedroom flat but it’s on the 8th floor and 3 of her cousins are bunking there at the moment. So you decide on Joey’s Pizza and Pasta.

Joey’s a good mate and he offered you a great deal for food and drinks. You read somewhere that the kind of place to hold a Bachelorette Night should be appropriate for the bride to be. If Kylie wasn’t so snobby, you could have checked out Vung Min Thai. It would have been cheaper but you suddenly think about the toys you bought and realise Mr Vung would be most unhappy.

The Drinks

Joey is the kind of guy who’ll mix up a special cocktail just for you. It’s called a Kylie Kamikaze and contains equal parts tequila, gin, vodka, bourbon and Bacardi with a splash of soda. Joey tells you the soda is to keep the girls sober for maybe 5 minutes more.

You also order lemonade and Coke for Darlene and Raeleen who are both preggers and can’t drink.

The Food

Joey makes the sickest double pepperoni and cheese pizzas this side of the Great Divide, but he’s going to throw in some dips and garlic bread for starters. That way you know the girls won’t be off their faces before they even get to have fun.

For dessert (if anyone is still upright) you got your mum to make her famous tiramisu cheesecake. Then you went to the craft shop and bought one of those icing pens so you could write on the cheesecake “Congratulations Kylie” with a tiara, but the tiara went all wonky and now looks like a map of Tasmania.

Party Accessories

While you were at the craft shop you bought bags full of streamers and glow-sticks, tiaras and teddy bears dressed up like grooms and just about everything else you could fit in your shopping trolley. You think about going to the place you’ve seen in the next suburb that has really rude, but you figure the stuff you got from Naughty But Nice plus the male entertainment will be about all Kylie can handle without lapsing into a coma.

So you head on home knowing that as Queen of the Bachelorette Night you’ve done a damn fine job.


  1. My boss and co-workers threw a bachelorette party for me 10 years ago, it was fun!

  2. Having a bachelorette party can be a lot of fun. Since I have a lot of sisters/cousin and sis inlaws we have been to plenty of them!

  3. I didn't have my Bachelorette's party though, but I am sure it would be a one fun when you have great company and great party plan. :)

  4. I didn't have my Bachelorette's party though, but I am sure it would be a one fun when you have great company and great party plan. :)

  5. I checked on the site you mentioned and my oh my, they have naughty stuff lol.

  6. I've never been in a bridal shower. I didn't have a bridal shower before my wedding. lol. this is a fun prep party before wedding though.


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