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3 Tips to Kickstart Training Solutions

Often developing a workplace training solution is the easy part. Implementation and ensuring employee buy in is where it becomes tricky.

It is really easy to fall into the habit of thinking that once the training session is finished, the work is done and things will magically improve. Change needs to start from the top, so it is important that management are backing up the themes, topics and points from any workplace training undertaken.
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Ongoing training and development is more than a half day course, it’s an ongoing process.
Read on to find out three great tips to help create a culture of learning and change in your team.  You can find more employee training and development tips at .

1. Communication Is Key
Communication is crucial in implementing a new system or process. It won’t do to simply send out a meeting request advising your staff that they have training on a particular day. Talk to them. Explain what you are trying to achieve and how you will do it. If you can, involve them in the decision making process.  A consultative approach can help boost employee engagement and overall acceptance of change and development in the workplace.

2. Measure Results
It is no good simply sending staff off on a course and expecting them to come back full of knowledge and to be able to start seeing results straight away. In order to know if training has been successful - and identify skill and/or training gaps – you need to have some kind of tracking and measurement process in place. Ideally this should already be operational before you start planning a training program, but at the very least it needs to start when the training does. And don’t just focus on results – make sure that the methodology is being adopted as well.

3. Consistently Apply What Is Learnt
Where possible, do the training and learning with your team or at a minimum, have a good knowledge of the content. Learning doesn’t stop the minute they walk out of the classroom door, and management need to make sure that they too are “walking the walk”. A course is only the beginning, and it is up to you to repeat and reapply the key themes and processes throughout your team long after the facilitator has left the building if you want it to be a real success.  If possible, install prompts or reminders in the office or workplace that reinforce the key takeaways from the training session, and make sure that you refer back to what has been learnt when conducting coaching and development.

Communication, measuring and follow through are definitely important to ensuring that an organisation’s training initiatives are a success. Too often there is the expectation that the course or session is the key whereas in actuality, it really is only the beginning. Taking what has been taught and discussed and applying it into a long term strategy is where the real challenge and focus needs to lie.

How does your workplace approach training and development?

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