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A Surprise Gift and Giveaway Prize

I would say that title of this post would elaborate what's in the picture. I have a surprise gift from Staples which came first and it's fun I believe. My son loves to push that button and kept saying "that was easy". Though, sometimes just annoying because all it tells are those 3 words over and over whenever my son wants to push the button. 

The other one on the right is my giveaway prize. I assume I was lucky to be picked in a giveaway from one of the amazing blogger's websites. Glad I joined her giveaway, still didn't open the prize yet as I was not into all the gadgets and electronic devices lately.

I guess it's due to the hormones. Anyways, just want to encourage everyone to join giveaways, who knows you might be lucky to win the prize of that contest. 

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