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7 Ways to Wear Gosgrain Ribbon

Gosgrain ribbon is a popular material for sewing and making crafts, but few people realize that it's also great for accessorizing. This classic ribbon type is available in a virtually unlimited array of colors and patterns so you can get the exact look you want. Here are seven ideas on ways to wear grosgrain ribbon.

1. Sandals
Do you love flip-flops, but don't want to spend a fortune on a pair that suits your style? Spice up your sandals this summer on the cheap with different pieces of grosgrain ribbon and a pair of inexpensive department store flip-flops. In some cases, you can find both in the same store. If you can find ribbon scrap in bulk, it's usually an excellent bargain that will give you a lot to work with. One idea is to cut the ribbons into five-inch lengths and tie them around the straps of your sandals. Incidentally, this can also help to make you more comfortable by adding soft padding to the straps, thereby reducing chafing.

2. Bracelets

Bracelets can be created from many different materials including embroidery floss, yarn, plastic cord and even ribbon. To make a basic bracelet, take a length of ribbon approximately the size of your wrist and fasten each end to a metal closure. You can try many twists on this process, including adding beads or charms, braiding several ribbons, stitching on sequins or sewing on buttons.

Another thing you can do with ribbon is make simple friendship bracelets. Try taking different-colored strands of very narrow ribbon and braiding, knotting or weaving them together. When you're done, simply attach a barrel or lobster claw clasp to the ends.

3. Hair Ties
Ribbon hair ties have become a very popular fashion accessory, but if you buy them in stores, it'll cost you. Fortunately, it's simple enough to make your own. For this, you'll need elastic grosgrain ribbon about eight inches long per hair tie. Cut it to the proper length, fold it in half and knot both ends together. Now you have your very own stylish ribbon hair tie!

4. Corsages

Grosgrain ribbon is even great for making homemade corsages. Flowers created from ribbon are fairly simple to make and add a spectacular flair to your piece. If you'd prefer to use real flowers, you can still use grosgrain ribbon to accentuate the corsage. Another idea for incorporating grosgrain ribbon into your design is to fashion the wrist band out of it.

5. Necklaces

The next time you need a sassy necklace to go with your new outfit, simply buy yourself some ribbon and jewelry findings. You may be familiar with the old-fashioned ribbon chokers that were so fashionable during the Victorian era. These can be easily made using a wide grosgrain ribbon of your choosing. Because the ribbon will be in close contact with your skin, be sure to select a texture that doesn't cause you irritation.

You can also create more modern styles of necklaces with ribbon. For example, it makes a wonderful alternative to leather cord, wire or chain. It's even ideal for beaded necklaces. Using translucent glass lampwork beads will diffuse the color of the ribbon, providing the eyes with a real treat.

6. Hair Decorations

Remember how you can make ribbon flowers for a corsage? You can also apply this technique to hair accessories. You can make a basic flower with just two feet of wire ribbon, a pen, a hairpin or two inch piece of florist's wire and some florist's tape. Knot one end of the wire ribbon and pull one wire from the untied end so it bunches. Wrap it around a pen starting at the knot so it looks like a flower.

Secure the base of the flower with the leftover wire, insert the pin or florist's wire and wrap it up with florist's tape. You can stick it into virtually any hairstyle for a whimsical touch. Of course, you don't have to stop there. You may also want to consider hot-gluing grosgrain ribbon flowers onto hair combs, barrettes or hair ties.

7. Pins and Brooches

Yet another potential use for grosgrain ribbon is in making pins and brooches for any occasion. For instance, this is a perfect opportunity to show your support for an ailing loved one by making awareness ribbon pins. Simply cut some ribbon of the appropriate color, overlap the ends until a loop forms at the top and secure the ribbon. Glue it to a pin backing to finish the project.

The next time you come across a great deal on colorful grosgrain ribbon, don't pass it up. Even if no ideas come to you right away, there's a whole world of possibilities. Eventually, you're guaranteed to think of something incredible to create from it.

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