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Why is it best to have a great health coverage

I woke up this morning with a little bit panic in me, for I know a bigger branch, we have in the yard just fallen and it's quite close to our bedroom. I look at the window outside and I saw that the part of the tree has fallen, I know instantly that our outdoor table and fire pit must have been damaged by the sudden fall. So, I went outside to double check on what causes the sudden fall. We are lucky enough as it missed our bathroom's roof about a foot from where it hit. Our neighbor did check on us to see if we are okay, and I am glad that they are concerned too. There was no wind, no thundering even storm today that would trigger the sudden fall, hence it was just one very nice morning.
glad it missed the part of our house...

this is what you see the minute you walk outside

It came to the point that I let my husband come home from work to check the big branch in the yard. In cases like this, we should ensure that we do have the right  health coverage in case of accidents that we can't control, just like this we are confident that we are covered. This is just one of the example that we should be aware of a great coverage that the aftermath, we won't be thinking of exists bills because we choose the right health insurance. I'm just glad that no one is hurt during this incident. 

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