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Worst Wedding DIYS

The average wedding cost in the United States today hovers just above $25,000. Many couples, in an effort to save money, decide early in their engagement that doing things themselves, instead of hiring professionals to do them will save money on the big event. With the exception of some huge things such as the rings, or the DJing the wedding yourself, there are some things that just should be avoided. Along with these do-it-yourself or DIY plans, often come thoughts of the unity that is sure to happen because the couple will be working so closely together to make their dream wedding a reality.

Sadly, this effort to save money often backfires, causing the bride and groom to be much added stress, embarrassment, or additional cost to repair what they may not have been qualified to do in the first place. Following are a few wedding related items that should be left to the professionals.

Though a bride to be may have spent hundreds of hours poring over bridal dress catalogs and sketching her dream dress on page after page of art paper, she may not be qualified to sew her own wedding gown. These dresses are often made with slippery fabrics, intricate beadwork and delicate lace that cause even the most talented seamstresses to cringe. Brides to be who are insistent on sewing their own gowns should have a high level of skill and experience working with these types of fabrics. Nothing stands out more on a wedding day than a zipper that is sewn incorrectly, or seams that do not quite match up. Sometimes, wearing the prefect wedding dress means purchasing it already made.

Upon finding out how much flowers will cost for a wedding, some couples decide to undertake the project themselves. They studiously plan out the number of boutonnieres and corsages they will need for the wedding party. The bridal bouquet may also be discussed in great detail. Those who assume that providing flowers for a wedding is easy may find themselves both surprised and disappointed at how their own floral arrangements turn out. In order to focus on all of the wedding details, many couples purchase flowers in advance so that they can get all of the arrangements completed. Sadly, many also find that flowers done too early often end up dead or very wilted on the wedding day. Professional florists often visit a floral wholesaler early each morning in order to ensure that their flower arrangements will be beautiful and fresh.

So many shows on television today make decorating a cake look simple. According to the host of the show, all one must do is put a perfectly smooth coat of frosting on the cake, add some intricate lacework and flowers, and in under an hour, the cake is finished. Wedding cake disaster photos can be found on many internet sites. These failed wedding cakes include tipping tiers, sliding frosting and even crumbling sides. Building a wedding cake is a combination of artistry and engineering. Perhaps hiring a professional baker to create a wedding cake is a better idea than having the ongoing embarrassment of having your wedding cake topple over as you try to cut into it.

While it is possible to save money by doing some of the wedding preparations, couples should only take on those things that they are certain they can do well. By limiting the number of DIY projects they undertake, many brides and grooms find that they are able to more fully enjoy their big day without worrying about all of the mistakes they might have made.

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