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What would be my priorities during my church wedding

In the Philippines, where I grew up, during the month of June parents and soon-to-be Bride will always find this month a hectic for them. As for parents who are preparing for their kid/s first day or goes back to school. For the soon-to-be Bride, they decide on this month to be wed because it's one of a great month to be married in the country plus they will be called a June Bride. I assume the other reason is due to the perfect weather and the season where it is ideal for couples to tide-a-knot.

So far from my family, it never happened to have someone get wed that falls in the month of June. Not sure if anyone ever tried to get into a busy schedule of churches, as well as the decent venues are probably fully booked due to those early bird reservations.

Soon I will be having my church wedding in the land where I grew up, I would definitely make sure that it would not be June, for sure, however, I would consider getting the month of which, I know most are on their vacation days. It would perhaps be a simple and solemn kind of wedding with family and close friends, and before that happens, I have to make certain to have the list of what to do and what to get, in order to systematize the whole thing from trouble-free to immense such as the rings. For someone who will get married again, I believe looking for a nice upgrade of your wedding bands would be a great idea and would be one of my priorities. Another thing, that I won't forget in mind is of course to ensure that my family and friends will have a great time during the reception, DJing the wedding yourself would be great and I would absolutely find a way to get the awesome one. After all, we want everyone to have a great time together with me and my husband on the day that we renew our vows. 

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