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Different Types of Bed Sheet Weaves

If you are getting ready to purchase a brand new set of sheets, there are a few things you should know before you go shopping. While it is important to figure out what color and size you want your sheets to be, you also need to decide what type of weave you want your sheet set to have. If you are looking for ultimate comfort, here are a few things you should know about the different types of weaves that are available for sheet sets.


A flannel weave refers to medium weight-weave, twill, or plain fabric that is made from cotton material and is designed with a napped finish. This weave results in a fluffy and cozy fabric that is known for its warmth. Flannel is a great type of weave if you want sheets that you can snuggle up to on a cold winter evening.


The sateen weave is designed to create an incredibly soft surface that looks a lot like satin. The sateen weave results in greater yarn surface located on the face of the sheet, which causes the surface to be very smooth and lustrous. This type of sheet is a great choice for individuals who prefer a classy and soft sheet for their bed.


Percale is a simple weave that is very lightweight. Made from carded and combed cotton yarns, it is designed to provide a crisp feel and an even finish. This type of sheet is a great choice for homes that are located in hot or humid climates due to its light weight and breathability.


A satin weave is the ultimate in luxury and is made from a high-thread fabric count that is knitted or woven very tightly together. The softest satin sheets are made from a woven material, while a knit material lends an inferior level of smoothness. Polyester, acetate, and nylon make beautiful satin sheets.


Microfiber is a great choice for individuals who don’t want to worry about ironing their sheets frequently. It is made from a thick and tightly-woven thread of man-made fiber that is designed to resist wrinkles and provide a very soft and comfy finish. There are some types of microfiber sheets that are also hypoallergenic and water-resistant. These sheets are a good choice for practical homeowners who have small children.


A jersey weave is made from knitted materials such as cotton fibers. Because they are knitted rather than woven, the material is reminiscent of a comfortable t-shirt that is stretchy and soft.


A dobby weave refers to a decorative pattern or shape that is woven into a fabric. It is commonly used for decorative purposes and can be seen on coverlets, duvets, and other decorative bedding and home accents.


A damask weave creates a detailed pattern that can be seen from both sides of a piece of fabric. It is often seen on pillow shams, decorative pillows, and other bedding items that are primarily for decoration.

If you are familiar with the various types of weaves that are available, you will have an easier time choosing the ideal sheets and bedding accents for your preferences. 

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