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How we spend our weekend as a family lately...

Earlier this month things were gone too wild in our backyard when it was started by a sudden fall of one of the branches of one of the old tree we have. It is definitely scary as the sudden fall happened while my son and I were still sleeping. Glad it never hit our bathroom and the only thing that the big branch smashed were our 3 years old outdoor table, which glasses were shattered in one place. Then, hubby and I decided that we need to chop some of the trees closer to our home to prevent accidents like this. We can't tell when will they decided to fall and when it does there is no stopping there. Lives and properties were quite at stake.

Contacted the right people who can cut the trees for us, and after we cleaned up the first mess. We were surprised by the sudden show-up of the tree services, they chopped the 3 trees down at once unexpectedly. The whole back yard is totally a mess, trees here and trees everywhere. We decided to cut the branches ourselves to save us money and keep the wood for heat [we do have chimney] to keep our electric bills during winter.  Nevertheless, the weather wasn't cooperating, it's been raining lately that hold us up from working outside. And weekend if it's not raining, this is what we usually do in order to clean the whole big mess.

We have done a whole lot more, lately as we cleaned the other side of the yard and working on the other side where the hickory branches were placed. So far, so good hoping that all this mess will be cleaned before August of this year, we shall see.

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