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Let your kids expands their skills with Kids Academy apps

We all know that aside from using an old ways to teach our kids with early education, technology has been improving to give us the best way and quickest way to help kids learn the basic education while at home.

There will be plenty of apps in the store, especially in iTunes where you can find varieties of good basic educational software for your kids' learning. However Kid's Academy company has also plenty of great software to offer our kids, not only they are learning, but at the same time they are also having more fun engaging with educations.

These are great apps from Kid's Academy Company for your kids. Let them learn new and basic education while enjoying the fun at home.

Reading & Writing:

Preschool and Kindergarten learning kids games for girls & boys ∙ Kids 5 and under:

Best Kid's songs:
Phonics is  very nice for young kids to learn, to facilitate them to familiarize the letters, and it would also help them read easier due to the phonics and guide sounds. Learning the alphabets would be fun, challenging and interesting for my son with the guidance of this application. The game is very lively and shows more enthusiasts  to the kids, my son is playing the app and gives him more information about phonics sounds of certain letter and gives example in order for the kid to learn more words in the certain letter. The background sound is quite soothing too, a very relaxing music for the young's mind.

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