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A Quick trip to the ER

Okay!!! This isn't something serious, but I was a little bit worried when I received a text message from my love that he was on his way home and might be going to the Emergency room. I know his job is quite dangerous as tenting is quite dangerous sometimes, you can't do anything when you are dealing with nature and fate. The first thing that comes to my mind was that, I hope this isn't something serious and I know for sure that if he got hurt at work, immediately I will receive a phone call from him in the middle of the day. This was one of the ordinary days and almost done with work, being paranoid too much isn't just worth it.

He got home and showed me what's the reason behind that he needs to go to the ER. Last night, when he was putting a foil pan in the cover, he must've slipped his leg and unbalanced himself, in which causes him to crunched his toe and fell in the kitchen.

Last night? I must have been in my deep sleep as I never heard any noise at all, not even his loud voice during the fall. The funny thing was my husband went to our bedroom and told me what happened to him and all I "replied" according to him was all "uhmm" and my eyes were closed. Honestly, don't even remember him talking at me about what happened and I don't remember any response at all. Until my husband figures out that I am out!


Anyways, our short visit to the ER is to ensure that nothing bad happens to his toe. Luckily, as the result of an X-Ray shows, nothing serious, hence a confirmed broken toe, no surgery or whatsoever, but needs to elevate his left leg, and will take up to 6 weeks to completely heal a broken toe. We were sent home after he was given a shoe/slipper to wear and some instructions to help his toe feels better.

Why was he slipped and broke his toe? I don't really know! hence it's a lesson we all learn that we need to take extra care no matter how old we are.

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