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5 Tips for Summer Makeup

Do you dread going outside in the summer and exposing your makeup to the heat? Do you find yourself making excuses not to leave the nice, air-conditioned interiors of houses and cars? You don't have to hide away until the temperatures drop again. Here are five summer makeup tips that will leave you looking great even in the middle of July.

1: Switch To Sprays
Traditional foundations tend to melt during extreme weather, but spray on makeup is lighter, longer-lasting and supremely breathable even in the heat. As a bonus, it won't crack over the course of the day, either. It adapts to the contours of your face for overall smoothness even late into the evening.

2: Minimize Your Coverage
If you're worried about any kind of foundation at all, skip it and just use concealer to hide your dark circles and blemishes. This way you can be sure that your makeup won't come off every time you wipe away sweat.

3: Go Pink
Light colors are already a summer favorite, but they'll also serve the dual purpose of neutralizing puffiness after a long day in the sun. A bronzer tinted with pink, peach or even coral will make you look fresh-faced and glowing instead of red and overheated.

4: Soften Your Lips
Satin-finish lipstick is your best bet for summer, though a number of women opt for gloss instead. Both options are good ones. The goal is to keep your lips plump and hydrated no matter what.

5: Embrace The Tint
Tinted moisturizers can even out your skin tone without the heavy, tacky feeling of all-over makeup baking in the heat. Some even double as sunscreens with UVA/UVB protection from the sun's harshest rays.

Use these five tips to keep your makeup nice and gorgeous no matter how high the thermostat climbs. Then you can look hot in more ways than one!

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