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Anatomy of a Pro Scooter

Scooters first started cropping up in the mid-nineties, and quickly caught on as a popular urban sport. Today, pro scooters are high-performance, specially engineered machines designed to help riders get the most out of their investment. Each piece of the scooter has its own job to do—keep reading to learn about the anatomy of a pro scooter.

The Bar

The upright portion of the scooter is called the bar. This is connected to the handlebars at the very top, which usually have rubber grips to help the rider hang on and increase control. Unlike many folding scooters for casual riders or children, the handlebars to not detach or unfold. They are welded or riveted to the main upright, and in some cases might be reinforced for extra strength. The last thing a pro wants is for the handles to come off of his scooter in the middle of a trick, so these handlebars are made to last. 
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The bar which is used to refer to both the handlebars and the upright bar) can come in a variety of heights and thicknesses, depending on the preference and body type of the rider. At the bottom of the bar is the headset, which connects the bar to the rest of the scooter. The headset is also linked to the down tube and the fork.

The Fork

The fork extends from the bottom of the headset, connecting the bar (and, by extension, the handles) to the front wheel. This allows the rider to steer the scooter. The fork is one of the parts that breaks most often on cheap scooters, since it undergoes so much stress—on pro models, it has to be tough and extremely durable. On lower-end models, the fork is often attached to the bar by a threaded top, or one that screws into place. Since this can become wobbly or weak when used for daring tricks, however, a compression system that holds the fork in with sheer pressure is usually used in professional scooters.

The Deck

The other part connected to the fork is the down tube, which runs behind the wheel and is welded to the deck. The deck is the largest part of the scooter, where the rider stands. It is usually made of a single piece of steel or aluminum for strength, and may be covered with grip tape that increases the friction between the feet and the deck. Higher friction means that the rider is less likely to slip off.

The Wheels

At the back of the deck a brake is mounted, which consists of a flexible piece of metal the rider can press down with their heel. This creates friction which slows down the turning of the back wheel. Basic scooter wheels are often made of a hard plastic core and urethane coat, but these are often not durable enough to withstand the pressures of pro tricks. Wheels for high-end scooters have a metal core instead.

Many pros prefer to assemble their own scooters, mixing and matching various parts until they create a perfect custom ride. The wide variety of colors and designs means that they can create a scooter that both showcases their style and fits their needs. Pro scooters have a lot of parts, but all of them combine to create a great ride.


  1. Anonymous1:20 AM

    I can see many kids here in our town using the bar and they're quite enjoying it.

  2. Anonymous1:28 AM

    I can see many kids here in our town using the bar and they're quite enjoying it. i guess this is the trend nowadays.

  3. Both of my kids have scooter but I never knew its parts, thanks for sharing these info.

  4. i haven't tried scooter, I see some use them at beach boardwalks, looks fun

  5. I just bought a scooter for my two little sisters and they love it. Thanks for this very helpful info po Ate!

  6. A perfect gift for my apo. He simply will love have this scooter. The design is cute.

  7. That is a scooter that my daughter has been wishing to have. Let's see if I can find one that I'd be willing to pay for for her! LOL.

  8. My two girls each have one and even their older siblings used to own theirs as well. I know they are safe to use so I let their Dad bought for them. Thanks for all the info.

  9. I wish im still a kid it would be fun playing this by the park with friends :)

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