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Frost in August?

Okay, the weather here in Western NY is absolutely messed up. Imagine we saw frost in the morning around 7am on an empty school field right next to our place, where it shouldn't be happening, as August it the hottest month in Summer. I am bewildered about the unusual climate change and the sudden drop of the temperature lately, which isn't as fun as everyone think. Shouldn't we enjoy at least 3 full months of a warm weather? For all we know people who live in a four season country doesn't have the full year to be outside due to winter or freezing cold temperatures. So the outdoor activity usually happens a lot during Summer season. 
What is going on lately with our weather? Is there something else that we missed about the sudden change of the temperature? Global Warming? I am not sure yet. These are the questions bugging in my head that I need a scientific answer. An answer that no one else can spoon-feed to me, but rather research about what's truly going on with the weather lately.

If you have answers about these questions, please feel free to share your insights in my comment box and I would love to discuss and share this with you. As for now, I'll be heading to Google to see what I can absorb.

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