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Customized your own bottle

It was new to me when my first cousin tagged me with images on FB about my son's name on the Coca-Cola bottle. I don't normally authorize a direct posting on my wall, so I have to approve it first to see if it's worth of the publishing. Besides, this way I can monitor if my account were hacked as previously my account were quite popular with hackers.

Anyways, I found out this cute way she did with a Cola bottle and I find it interesting. Hence, I asked her to make me something for my whole family. There were few changes as my being preggo should be a surprise to my family and relatives in the Philippines. 
You see, I love to surprise people, however, I never liked surprises at all, the thrilling isn't just fair I think and I don't like to wait. I can be patience, but knowing I have a surprise? I would rather let you spill it than me waiting seems like forever. Hehehe.. Moreover, after a few attempts of the changes, my cousin finally came up of the image that I do find decent for my FB wall.

Little did I know, that you can actually get a bottle with your own name in it. In where I lived, it's very rare to see people drinks coca-cola as they were more like a Pepsi cola. Whenever we went or pass by a store and I see those coca-cola bottles I was truly hoping to see our names on it. Unluckily, seems like I don't see any at all.

So as for now, I guess being contented with the image of what my cousin gave me would be a nice way of owning our names on the bottle. Which also becomes popular in the Philippines. 

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