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Drive, Lowe's and Dinner

Yup, it was one of those ordinary days we have of the week, when hubby came home from work waited for about an hour to tell us if we would like to go with him to Warren, PA in order to see what Lowe's got for him on his DIY stairs project. Of course, as a mother, I have to make dinner for the little one before 6:30pm and the husband did mentioned about the drive after I cooked the requested Mac and cheese dinner of our son. 

Without further ado, I grabbed my purse and went to the car before it's going to be too late. Husband drove and get us a joy ride towards Lowe's Warren, PA. When we get there, the things he was looking for his DIY mudroom stairs wasn't there. He decided to dine-in to a nearby restaurant. Friendliest restaurant we usually went is applebee's, glad this time the food we order wasn't as bad as it was in Lakewood, NY.

Spent for an hour and half in the restaurant and headed home after we dine-in. Now, back to the normal routine ways we do at home.


  1. What's a mudroom. Oh hey, we're neighbors (if you live in PA). :D We love going to stores like Lowe's and Home Depot. I guess that's the new boutique when you own a house. Oh, and I am also glad you had a great time dining out!

  2. Kids come first for Moms like you. Glad your dining experience at Applebee's was ok :-)

  3. Seems a great dining experience with your family. More to come bonding time with hubby and son.

  4. Your little boy seems like a handful! I feel you in your every day plight of preparing dinner, running a household and everything else related to being a wife and mother. Thank God for fast food chains. Quick filling meals without the sweat. :)

  5. Applebee's food is too salty for my taste. Glad you have a good dining experience.

  6. Your husband not getting the stuff he needs for his DIY project turned out to be a blessing in disguise as you guys got to spend some quality time together having dinner away from home.

  7. We used to frequent Home Depot when we moved to our new house. But it is very near our house so there's no chance of dining out. Impromptu road trips are always the best! How old is your son? They might be the same age because my son refuses to sit in a restaurant longer than 5 minutes!

  8. Home Depot is close to where we lived Mommy N, often times we go there and buy hubby's stuff for his projects. The handsome C looks like a handful now.


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