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How to take care of your Books

Did I mention that growing up reading books is one of my past time? If not, then let me refresh you when I shared that I love to read books during my childhood days and yes, I have read mostly the books we have on the shelves at home. It helps me widen my imagination at the same time learning different things base on what I read is what intrigues and just fascinate me as well.
this was taken by my niece who asked my permission if she can borrow the books

So, when I have the chance to purchase my own books and Harry Potter were so popular before and up to now, I never hesitated to purchase my own copy of the whole book series. Yes! I used my bonus and I could remember acquiring the first 3 book series in one of the shops in the mall. And later on followed the 4 more books to complete the whole series. 
I guess, keeping them the box would be the best way to preserve my books

Since then, I have taken care of my book collections and I read them all. I was saving it for my children or nieces and nephews who would love to read the same book at anytime they want. And I guess, this is one way to preserve or kept them safe whenever I am not around. Because this is at my parents house, I told myself the only way to keep them is by putting them all in one box. 

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