SuPeRnOvA and SwEeTpAiN: Why You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune on Bathroom Renovations | SuPeRnOvA and SwEeTpAiN
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Why You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune on Bathroom Renovations

Building a luxury bathroom or completing a bathroom renovation with a full interior upgrade is a dream for many homeowners, but making the dream a reality can quickly become costly. Fortunately, you can save money while still enjoying quality and style if you buy from the right company. Decor Planet is one such company you can count on if you’re looking for consistent quality, selection, and fair pricing. The company takes numerous steps to keep pricing affordable without skimping on quality. 

Wholesale Pricing 
One of the easiest ways companies can provide their customers with savings is by buying wholesale. Like many consumers, you might associate the term “wholesale” with discount stores where you can find basic necessities, and you might assume wholesale furniture wouldn’t interest you. Strictly speaking, though, wholesale merchandise is simply merchandise bought in bulk from the producer, often at a discount, and resold at a potentially favorable rate (think of wholesale consumer stores like Costco). Luxury items can be sold wholesale just as easily as everyday necessities.

Established History 
A company’s experience in the industry can also produce cost savings. Companies that have been in business longer have had greater opportunities to build up relationships with suppliers. This can lead to discounts and special opportunities. A company that is established and larger will also be better equipped to make bulk purchases, thanks to its strong customer base and enhanced operating revenue. This can lead to significant savings for buyers.

Extra Savings Opportunities 
Wholesale companies additionally offer customers a few other ways to save. You can take advantage of short-term promotions; rather than dictating what you must purchase, these deals usually just ask that you interact with the company or take some other simple action. Services such as price matching can help you save even more. Sometimes a company will not only match, but also undercut, the price that any competitor offers on an item that a customer has purchased during the last two weeks.

Great Price and Value 

With services like these, saving doesn’t take much effort. While it can seem like some retailers cut quality or other important features along with costs, you don’t have to worry about this when you shop with a company that specializes in wholesale luxury goods and decor. These companies are truly committed to getting you a top deal without hidden downsides. Here’s a great directory filled with wholesale suppliers.


  1. Great tips especially on wholesale pricing! I would love to do a luxury bathroom renovation but it's not something we can afford. And it won't fit in the whole design of our old house LOL. We upgraded it a bit prior to moving in and bought supplies from Home Depot which is technically a wholesaler in the US.

  2. It is easier said than done. We have done two bathrooms at home and although it's true that it's is cheaper to do it yourself but man, it's a lot of hardwork.

  3. this is a wonderful bathroom tips and ideas esp. that I am building a new home at this time..Today, I also bought some bathroom accessories...hope makauwi nang pinas soon to see my new home..

  4. My husband fixed our bathroom but the little things like replacing new toilet or parts of the shower.


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