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Happy ChristEastermas Day???!!!!

Quite pass due post, that's okay as long as the month of April hasn't ended yet so I still have the chance to share some insights about our Easter Sunday.

YUP! The image would say it all, early morning we do have a heavy snow and thinking we will have another foot of snow. It was snowing since last night, but it wasn't as heavy as when the morning comes.

My partner mentioned that it's a double celebration, Christmas and Easter at once. And even at the Sunday Eucharist, the Priest even mentioned if it's Christmas or Easter because the snow just came back again. And so he called it a ChristEasterMas I hope I said it right.

Though the snows melted away in the afternoon and a warm weather came, it was such a fun experience at least for me, to see Snow during Easter. Cause for the past 6 years living here, I hardly noticed a heavy snow during Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunday Weather.. April 5, 2015
What about you? Did your place get a massive of snows too during the Easter Sunday? Oh, what about the Tropical countries? Oh, I miss living in a Tropical place.

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