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How to Care for Your Quilt

Investing in a quality quilt is a great idea, but if you fail to take care of it properly, you may find your dollars going to waste. Getting the maximum amount of wear out of a quilt is not hard to do, but there are a few steps you need to take to keep your quilt fresh and cozy for years to come.

#1:  Read the product care label

The very best piece of advice on caring for your quilt, is to always read and follow the product care label. Different quilts need to be cared for in different ways, and the care labels attached provide information about what you should and should not do to look after your quilt.

#2:  Before first use

Prior to using your new quilt for the first time, remove it from the packaging and air it out in a location that is warm, preferably on a day with a breeze. It is generally not necessary for you to wash your quilt before its first use.

#3:  Frequent airing is good

Particularly if you have a wool quilt, regularly airing it out in the sunshine is recommended. In fact, many wool quilt manufacturers recommend doing this rather than washing your quilt.

#4:  Take care if machine washing

Refer to the care label on your quilt to check whether it is suitable for machine washing. Do not attempt to machine wash if this is not recommended for the quilt that you have.
If you have a machine-washable wool quilt, be aware that many should not be laundered in a top loading machine with agitator. These quilts should only be machine washed in a front loader machine, at the recommended water temperature and with wool cycle selected. Also, it is recommended that the detergent you add is approved for wool wash.

For particularly large wool products, some quilt companies advocate use of commercial washing machines in an effort to minimise damage.

#5:  Caring for dry cleanable products

If you have a quilt that can be dry cleaned (and this is noted on the care instructions label), take your quilt to a reputable, high quality dry cleaning agent. Remember too that airing a wool quilt in the breeze and sunshine can be the most effective way to launder and rejuvenate your quilt.

#6:  Storing your quilt

If you would like to store your quilt, it is advisable to use a bag that ‘breathes’, as this will also allow your quilt to ‘breathe’. While space and other airtight bags are popular from the point of view of maximizing storage space, they can damage quality quilts. Store your quilt in a place that is dry and effectively ventilated.

When removing your wool quilt from storage, hang it up and give it a light spray with water before taking it outside to air on a warm, breezy day. Leave your quilt to air for two to three hours before you use it.

Quality quilts represent a significant investment. If you aren’t quite sure what makes a good quilt, check out specialist manufacturers of wool quilts like  Mini Jumbuk online   for a rundown on the benefits. It is wise to take the best possible care of your quilt so that it is maintained in a healthy, hygienic way and will last you for many years.

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