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A Gift from Us

We were surprised to get a gift from my SIL months ago. We've never tried using cause we never get the chance to buy pineapple whenever we go to the store. I guess, we always passed by that section and I only list down fruits whenever I have my grocery list.

Weeks ago, we finally bought one and took us a week to wait until the pineapple is ripe. Because it is starting to look rot and I don't want it to attract fruit flies in the house, I manage to use the gift we got from my SIL.

It was pretty easy, all you have to do is to connect the head from its body and chopped off the crown part of the pineapple. Then make sure to put it in the center and gently turn the knob down it until it goes further down. You'll find out when it's time for you to stop turning.

Very quick too, I don't have to fill it off one by one and to make sure that I cleared the eyes too.  A perfect circular cut just like the one in cans. 

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