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Getting Ready for our Vegetable/Fruits garden this year

I have never thought that we are still going to plant this year instead of working on the rest of the yard. However, hubby make me a raised bed which I've been bugging him since all the ground we have in the yard is gravel.

I don't know if that affects the growing of the fruits and vegetables, I don't know. Aside from that, we pretty much clear the shed to a sunny one because we had our trees cut last year.

Whatever would be the outcome and how fast the growing this year, we would know if its because the garden has more sunlight now.

I started my seedlings in the month of May, which I usually plant earlier around March. Since we have awful weather and we don't know when will it be warm enough for them to plant outside, I'm glad that they still grow faster than I expected.

I saw a blogger who shared her ways of planting her seedlings made out of an egg container, we have so much of those recyclable one and so I followed her idea. Now save us money and my seeds are growing crazy. 
how to save money of starting seeds..
the seeds are growing crazy..
bokchoy...totally ready for planting
Now, they are totally ready to be transferred in my garden and can't wait for the raised bed to be done. 

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