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These plumbing tips could save you money

Although it’s true that home ownership has its benefits, there are also problems that can crop up that can leave a homeowner ready to pull their hair out.  Plumbing issues are the perfect example of that.  They can be costly, inconvenient and time-consuming to fix.  Even if you call in a professional plumber to fix the issue, you’ll still end up potentially paying a lot of money and having your family’s routine in upheaval while the repair is underway.  Because of that, the best strategy is to avoid plumbing issues wherever possible.  Although it’s not possible to avoid plumbing issues altogether, these tips will help lessen the chances that you’ll have to call in a plumber to fix a problem. 
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Make sure you buy a home with good plumbing “bones”
When you purchase a home, always be sure that you have the plumbing checked by a professional plumbing or home inspector to specifically ensure that the home’s plumbing system is in good repair.  In general, a standard home inspection will not be thorough enough to get a true picture of the home’s plumbing system.  Instead, call in a plumber such as Priority Plumbing to do an inspection specifically of the plumbing system to determine whether there are any red flags.  This is particularly important in older or heritage homes, but it is possible for any home to have plumbing problems luring beneath the surface.  By having the systems checked before you buy the home, you can either avoid buying a home with potentially serious plumbing issues, or require the seller to have the issues addressed before you agree to buy the house.

Get familiar with your plumbing system
The more you know about the plumbing in your house, the more power you have to fix minor issues yourself or at least to avoid doing things that could cause issues in the future.  For example, if you know where your plumbing pipes are located you can avoid digging into them when you do landscaping or other such tasks in your yard. 

Learn basic plumbing skills
The more plumbing skills you can acquire yourself, the less often you will have to call in a professional plumber to fix the problem for you.  Installing a new toilet, for example, is a job that most savvy DIYers can handle on their own.  It’s just a matter of learning what to do.  If you can tackle these small tasks yourself you can leave the bigger jobs to the plumber. 

Owning a home means taking care of things like plumbing repairs, which typically means calling in a plumber.  That can be pricey, but if you follow the above steps you can take care of your plumbing system and handle the small repairs yourself.  That means you won’t have to call in a plumber for every little thing that goes wrong.  For the bigger issues, however, it’s always best to call a professional plumber to ensure that the repair is done safely and effectively.

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