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A late Father's Day post 2015

I'd better post this now before the next Father's Day celebration comes. I've been procrastinating with so many of my posts to be written for some unknown reasons, hehehe. I should've written at least a little bit of details about them so I won't forget, just like this post here.

Anyways, enough of me mumblings and here it  comes. We all know that Father's Day was last month JUNE and most of us have plans for our dearly father and husband. We greeted them on the phone, give them a phone call, sent them cards/ecards or send them gifts, whether if it's domestic or international. Something we always do to thank them of being an AWESOME.
My son showing something with his Great Lola Eunice a video, and she looks so amuse

Our second son stares are his Great Lola Eunice and she looks so happy to hold him too
What happened to our Father's Day celebration is something unexpected and unplanned. We have plans, but change it for some reasons. We were supposed to go to church, for the day. However, we cancelled it [I know I'm bad] instead my husband picked up his Grandmother when he saw her sitting outside the nursing home when he passed by the place. A great idea! I told him we can go to church on the next Sunday instead. We are planning on taking his GrandMa for many times now and I presume this is the best occasion.

We have a little family lunch at home, in a place where she used to live. It's a great way for her to spend time with my boys, her great grandchildren and although she asks the same questions many times, she looks very happy, content and wasn't in a rush to leave and go back to the nursing home.

I took a lot  of pictures and videos to show to our children that they do spend time their Great Lola Eunice.

So that's it, that's how simple we celebrate our Father's Day this year 2015. What about you? How did you celebrate it? I'd love to hear them.

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