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Summer is Here! Time to Enjoy the Outdoors

The good news it is time to get out the barbecue, ready the pool, and get those invites out to family and friends. The only thing you may not be prepared for is the summer rain showers and of course the hot, bright sun that may truly ruin an afternoon or evening lounging in the backyard with friends.

The way around this is to be prepared with various backyard accessories that will ensure everyone can have a fun and memorable time at your barbecue or outdoor party.

Retractable Parasols 
This type of outdoor accessory is one of the best, especially if you want to have shading over food or just to give a few party goers a place in the shade. These parasols can be created to be the exact size you need for any catering event or party and come in an array of colors that will actually compliment your outdoor furniture. The canvas filters up to 98% of the sun's UV rays and is easy to place in any area of the yard. You can find both mobile units as well as stationary units.

Retractable Gazebo 
Gazebos are a wonderful addition to any outdoor setting and ones that offer a retractable roof are even better. This way you can enjoy a bit of sunshine and when it gets a bit too hot, just use the remote control to close the roof. Then, as sunset approaches you can easily open up the roof and stare at the stars. The best part of all is that you have a choice with the roof you desire for your gazebo which includes water repellent, but will need to be stored during winter months and then there is the four season roof that is one hundred percent waterproof so you can use it over the barbecue or spa even during the winter months.

A retractable pergola can actually transform your patio or deck into a shaded area for all kinds of entertainment. These new designs allow you for the opportunity to slant the roof in case of rain so you never have to worry about the roof collapsing due to the weight of the rain.

Today you can actually find a variety of auvents including retractable awning, fixed, retractable awnings, terrace awnings, and window awnings. All of these are great additions to your home or business and actually help to keep the hot sun from shining in the windows as well as provide a cooler area on your porch or terrace. Of course, when you want the sun to shine, just retract the awning and let the sun shine in.

There are all kinds of great outdoor options for all seasons. To learn more about how to spruce up your outdoor area at the office or home, visit

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