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Thank you Ma'am Jenny...goodies

It's a wonderful feeling when a good friend sent you something back from home. I never expected that she'll eventually give me all these goodies that I have been longing for years now.

So rare friends that we might not be BFFs, but truly cherished something we share. We shared our understanding online about the what we experienced of moving here in the USA.

It's fun to hear her experiences and its nice to know that someone far away would be honestly told me all this thing. Ma'am Jenn, truly appreciate it. :-)

Anyways, just to give a shout out to Ma'am Jenn of bringing all these goodies so my hungry stomach will filled will it again.

My son loves the beef loaf and all the dried fish, the house doesn't smell like one since I cook them outside the house. Thank you again Ma'am Jenn.


  1. Lucky you to have a 'funny' and thoughtful friend. Perla, that's my all time fave.

  2. Elizabeth O.9:27 AM

    That is nice. I've known a few friends online and we've become really close friends.

  3. Awwwe such a sweet friend. Having thoughtful friends is great!

  4. Oh my! Perla I used to love that soup for all my white clothes to wash. What a sweet and generous your friend is Mommy N. God bless her heart.


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