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DIY - flower bed

The husband was planning to do something in our mudroom doorway that would prevent water from running down the mudroom whenever there are heavy rains. He finished the first steps to ensure everyone who enters and exits the home would no longer have trouble on their way in and out.

It is also a great help during winter when everything is slippery, that by having a better step would prevent someone from slipping.

The next that he built was the flower bed, intending to help the water again for coming in the mudroom. So he blocks the part where it possibly leads the water inside.

It took him days to build and finished the flower bed, as he only spare a 1-2 hours at least every day after work.

Now, I planted an annual flower in which I will be planning to put a calla lily there soon that way, I don't need to keep replanting and do the maintenance once it is all settle in.


  1. It is so nice to have a handy husband. Mine will take ages before a project will get done, lol.

  2. Elizabeth O.8:36 AM

    This is really a great idea to keep the water out. I can't wait to see when your flowers start blooming.

  3. Safety is a priority and making sure that the steps are not slippery is very nice!

  4. Galing naman ng hubby, just like me. Creative when it comes to my family's safety.


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