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Vegetables/Fruits Garden of 2015

I took this photo late Spring where it's best to plant our vegetable outside. I placed some in the raised bed, my dear husband built and some vegetables that need more room are planted in the other ground garden.
oh that bokchoy leaves...its the first time I harvested it from the garden
It's great to see what area would our plants grow better. And so far lately, I have noticed that the raised bed is much better than the ground garden. I would say if even it makes sense that because the ground plot is more gravel and has less sunlight due to the huge branch of Hickory tree that is on top of it.

The husband has to cut it so it won't block the sunlight. Plants do need sunlight and most vegetables that I planted requires a 24 hour sunlight. Although, we compose the ground plot still I have to say the vegetable that I planted isn't growing fast and good.

We can only hope for next year, we now see the big difference and we need to save extra money to build a better plot for my plants. Can't wait for an organic and more fruitful planting.


  1. I really like eating bokchoy leaves especially those from our own garden. I prefer my vegetable since I am sure that there are no chemicals on it.

  2. Galinmg naman ni hubby mo. I learned new gardening thing.

  3. What's good about having your own vegetable garden is that you're sure that what your family is eating is clean and safe. It also saves you money, and it's a productive hobby. Wishing you a plentiful harvest in the days to come!

  4. I am also into gardening but I am more of the herbal plants like gynura procumbens, basil and watercress or gotokola. In fact, I am selling a pot of gynura procumbens, which is great as a therapy for diabetes and cancer.


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