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Selling Your Wedding Jewelry Online

If you get divorced and remarried, one of the last things you will probably ever consider wearing would be your wedding jewelry from your first marriage.  Typically speaking, it is considered polite to put those items away where they never see the light of day.

And yet there are quite a few people that would say that since you won't be comfortable wearing your old ring, why not consider selling it and using the money you receive to do something you enjoy?  The jewelry will no longer be around to remind you and your new spouse of your first marriage, and it does have some monetary value.

How to get started

The first thing that you want to do is figure out which venue or method will work the best for you when you go online to sell.  One company,, has a process that makes it simple to sell your diamond jewelry.  They act as your broker, creating an escrow-like situation for you until your jewelry is sold.  You then receive prompt payment.  When you are getting started with them, you merely take pictures and describe your jewelry.  They will then send you a pre-paid shipping package that you can put your jewelry in before sending it off to them.  Once they have received it, a GIA certified Gemologist opens the package and provides a free evaluation, all on video. They will then put the diamond from your jewelry up for sale using their network and the only thing that you need to do is wait for offers to come in.  A lot of the details can be found at:

Another option is to try and sell it directly.  When you do that, you may keep around 10 to 15 percent more of the sale, but you also need to deal directly with the people that are purchasing your jewelry.  The key to successful direct sales online is to be as transparent as possible.  Show them exactly what they are getting by taking high-resolution pictures.  Explain all of the positives and any negatives that might exist. One helpful tip that you can take from is to make a video of you wrapping the jewelry and mailing it to them so that you can prove that you sent what you sent in case there are questions.


  1. I wish its so easy to sell jewelry with sentimental value. So hard to give up stuff when you knew there is a story behind it. But this is good if you really need a fast money.

  2. Sounds weird to some, but sounds so practical. This could be the reason why I see wedding bands in flea markets! :D

  3. This is a nice option for people who wants to get rid of jewelry that reminds them of the past, hehe. Thanks for sharing!

  4. yes, in any business for that matter requires transparency...being fair with people we are dealing with :)

  5. Ha! This would be great for those who have been divorced quite a few times, they can get rid of their former wedding bands.

  6. Sometimes relationship don't last and one way to get rid of that special jewelry is sell online. This is a perfect site to do it and make money.

  7. Sometimes relationship don't last and one way to get rid of that special jewelry is sell online. This is a perfect site to do it and make money.

  8. Ah, even if ever mag part ways kami ni wifey. Never will I part way with those things associated with our wedding. Baka senti lang ako.


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