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Kinetic Belt #Review

If you are a fan of running, walking and would like to eliminate those hassle ways of keeping your keys, phones out of the way? I would suggest purchasing this belt would benefit you.

I was skeptical of how this belt can help me out, truly I can still carry my phone and keys and some cash with me using this kinetic belt. It has stretch pouch that can hold your items without looking and feeling bulky.

The product arrives in the mail through the USPS. I ordered this through Amazon for a cheap prize. No damage that I've noticed on the packaging box that I was able to use it right away.

Very small when you see it and when you put your stuff in it does stretch and that elastic belt just snugs perfectly. Adjustable to your comfortability. I have noticed that the stretchable pouch is a waterproof so even if you are outside with your phone and money or keys in. You won't worry as it will be safe.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I did not receive any financial amount. I received the products for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine.


  1. Are belt bags making a comeback? This looks really neat and lightweight.

  2. That would be great to have if you are a cyclist, you can put stuff when you ride.

  3. It's a good thing that this kinetic belt is waterproof. That will take care of important things the user will put inside.


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