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Wallpaper photos for your Bathroom Ideas

Thinking about planning to put up a new paint or a wallpaper in  your bathroom? Well, then it is  your lucky day, because I have a few ideas you might want to see.

This idea isn't mine, and I have only got these images at, the website which gives me so much ideas and motivates me when it comes to home decorations and development. Doing it yourself ideas are what mostly my husband and I work things out.

Did I mention,that I have a project in the bathroom back home? Yes, I would definitely use a few of the ideas that I already gathered through this website and I am truly thrilled for the transformation in spite of the expenses that I will definitely be spending.

These are a few of the selected bathroom wallpaper I have that might inspired you to do.


  1. Elizabeth O.11:03 PM

    I like the black and white combination with the patterns on the wall. That's all so lovely. Thanks for sharing your ideas! Modern looking bathrooms are really so beautiful!

  2. I love the Traditional Bathroom wallpaper. It gives the impression of being surrounded with lots of books while doing your thing in the toilet. Nice!

  3. Whoa! i like the library wallpaper. That would be very interesting! :)


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