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Binignit Finally...

Soon enough, I will be making another pot of Binignit which is very popular for most Filipinos during Holy Week. I remembered my mother and aunts who started to buy the ingredients a day before the holy week because sometimes they get run out of a few of the ingredients.

Most people do make this kind of desert during Holy Week, they can either give it to the other members of the family, relatives or just to make more because they know that family and friends do come by for a visit.

This day, because it was a Holy week when I make this Binignit, I make more to share with my dear friend who also love this kind of desert. I can't wait to make one again for this year.

Would you like to try the Binignit?


  1. Elizabeth O.5:29 AM

    It looks so warm! The perfect comfort food, without a doubt. I'd love to give this a try!

  2. Oh man, now I am craving for some. Can I have a bowl please?

  3. That's Ginatan, right? Our favorite! We have Ginatan right now prepared by my mom. Yummy!

  4. Oh! Lord! have mercy :-) that looks very delish Mommy N.


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