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Road trip to PA, A quick hike to Rim Rock Overlooking and Jake’s Rock Overlook

T’was a very nice Sunday afternoon when we decided to take my family side for a joyride and a quick road trip to Nature. We have been in these places before, but not all. It’s a good thing that we now have a long daylight to enjoy even when it is still 6pm at night the sun is still high up in the sky.

We stopped at the border before the sign “Welcome to Pennsylvania” and I told them to stand and stepped both lands so they’ll be in two States at the same time. They were enthralled by it and as well as how the road here in the United States is way organize than in the Philippines. 
Aren't they look obviously happy???
Some part of Pennsylvania like Warren is closer to where we live, it’s 15-20 minutes away and because it is a different state, they might have different laws than we do. For sure, they have a lesser tax and I presume they don’t have tax on clothing [correct me if I am wrong].

Moreover, we passed by the Kinzua Beach, and since we don’t know if it’s already open for the public, we only drove by the gate. The next time we visit PA, we will definitely stop by at beach in which the weather will be warm.

We were looking for the Jake’s Rock Overlook as what my husband’s Aunt suggested us before, to check out the place in case we pass through this area, unfortunately we never find it before. She mentioned it was a nice place to visit and to have the kids see the overlook area. 
The roads trail looks creepy...

Because we are already way too far from 1 mile as stated on the direction, we’re certain to check out the Rim’s Rock Overlook picnic area instead, it is another part of Alleghany’s National Forest. Mind you that this is our first time to be at the place, we followed the road heading on the way to the top, our ears were starts popping. Since the weather was nice, it wasn’t that chilly. 
Clean parking lot and there were only 3 cars there including ours...
Of course it would not be a perfect day if they don't have a photo of the place's map

Finally,  after 10 minutes of subsequent road trail, we’ve arrived at the peak of the hill. The parking lot is clean, there were only two cars parked. Kuya Maco, Troy and I went out to check what good this place can give us, followed the small trail and the stairs as what the map says. 
This would should you the quick trail we have
In less than a minute, we arrived in this beautiful overlooking area. It was very nice up there, it feels like you are on top of the world. You can clearly see the sunset, stress free and you can actually enjoy a panoramic view of the whole river and hills. A breathtaking place to hang out. When you look down, it seems like you are being pulled by the gravity. They also have a nice hiking trail, that would guide you to the Kinzua Beach. I say the place is very enthralling, I love the environment and my family loves it there too. 
Panoramic View 
Be sure to hold your children tight because in my opinion, it’s very very risky up there. So, if you want to take them up there, take an extra precaution and keep an eye on them ALL THE TIME. We stayed for at least 20 minutes [according to my husband, who is left in the van because our 2 boys were sleeping] up there exploring some of the passages. The husband never got to see the place, I am sure as a nature lover he would have enjoyed the countryside too.
A quick snap of the cliff, I'm very scared I might drop my phone...
We went back to the road and on our way home, we manage to see the sign of Jake’s Rock Overlook Area hidden by the bushes. They were at least 3 more preference pointing into the same course at Jake’s Dewdrop and 2 other things that I don’t remember in which we will definitely check out the next time we went to the area.
You can see the Dam from here, this place is at the Jake's Rock Overlook Area
In this vicinity, I can’t say a thing about it because I opt out to see the place and give my husband a chance to survey the locale. They mentioned it was not as wonderful as the Rim’s Rock Overlook Picnic Area, nowhere near of how the place is so, after 5-10 minutes we are back on the road.
This is just the other side of the Dam
On our way, we stopped for a minute or two to check out the Dam. Another absorbing creation of humanity, using the river for electricity in some town in the district.

Since it’s getting late and sunset is visible, we proceed to Sheetz to get some gasoline and a to go meal for our late dinner. And in conclusion, home is the next stop.


  1. I love the beautiful scenery! My husband is from PA too. It is such a beautiful state to raise a family.

  2. It is ao nice to see and discover places like this when abroad! Places of interests are always a good thing to check out 😊

  3. Beautiful nature adventure., This is the kind of trip that I love!

  4. Really beautiful scenery, always wondered how it felt to be in two places at one time , just like what you did being at the border of 2 states.

  5. Love the places for their roadtrip in PA. Hoping that they'll do more roadtrips in the future. I am for Philippines only and photos abroad will do. It's nature speaks for itself.

  6. I really love places in US. They dont need to destroy their beautiful places in order to be productive. You've got good shots there too.

  7. Wow! These are amazing views Mommy N. I super loved the panoramic view. PA is four hours drive from us. I hope to visit this place one day.

  8. I would like to visit PA next time we fly to NY. Those rocks are imposing. I would love to snap photos of them and the nature surrounding us.

  9. Great shot of the cliff!! It looks scary though!. I hope I can visit PA in the future.

  10. oh, that was an exciting joy ride... the view was awesome :)


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