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A good headset for a good movie

I love to watch movies, romantic movies, actions, adventures you name it, I probably have watched them all. I like to watch it during night time when I am about to go sleep. It’s my sort of my pill to fall asleep.

I do watch nice movies sometimes with my husband, but sometimes, when you have a toddler it just doesn’t work at all. We start watching, and then in the middle of the movie, it’s either we have to paused it because our son wakes up in the middle of his sleep at night or he will have to watch it by himself and I have to end up watching the movie again to I would know what’s the ending.

Anyways, I like to listen and to ensure that I have understood every single line in the movie and so a nice sennheiser hd 380 is a good headset to have. I like the features it mentioned in the description of the item and I might be try to see what I can do for the product. 

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