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Quick update about my whereabouts

There will be a lot of couponing experiences I will be sharing in this blog. I have to give you a heads up in case it might have some deals for the week, in which it will still be related to the main category of this blog of course.

I can share good deal from Home Depot in which you can save more when you have your own DYI projects or just simply trying to buy something that you might be needing for Home development.

I’m quite busy with my recent couponing hits lately and because I am a newbie, I am trying to get the best deal and to ensure that I have at least some of the deals that would save me 90% off retail prices.

Yes! This would be a tons help for my family, a good saving would give us a plenty of way to use the money with. Saving something for future plans and more. Also, if you do send a Balikbayan Box, in which it is very common to mostly Filipinos, couponing is the BEST way to do it.

You purchase this items in full sizes and yet you only pay 90% off and sometimes it is absolutely FREE and also a moneymaker. Quite addicting indeed, as long as you know what you needed, you won’t be wasting anything when you are couponing.

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