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Helpful Facebook Keyboard Shortcut you might want to know

This might be something new here that I am going to share. For some reason this shortcut key did pop up one day while I was on my computer and for some reason, I did not know that I press and this thing came up?

Some of you might know about this already, but I’ll share this information to those who are new and have never encountered this kind of shortcut key command in order to help you with the famous social media FB.

Keyboard Shortcut Help
You can press these buttons on your keyboard to use Facebook faster.
j , k — Scroll between News Feed stories
p — Post a new status
l — Like or unlike the selected story
c — Comment on the selected story
s — Share the selected story
o — Open attachment of the selected story
enter — See More of the selected story
/ — Search
q — Search chat contacts
? — Show this help dialog
Alt + 0 — Help
Alt + 1 — Home
Alt + 2 — Timeline
Alt + 3 — Friends
Alt + 4 — Inbox
Alt + 5 — Notifications
Alt + 6 — Settings
Alt + 7 — Activity Log
Alt + 8 — About
Alt + 9 — Terms
Alt + m — New Message

I haven’t tried all of these keys yet, as I was too busy with my new hobby. And for the sake of an update here, I have come up with this brilliant idea, to share with you something that I haven’t tried nor tested myself.

If some of the shortcut key didn’t work, please feel free to shoot your comment in this post.

For now, I will try some of the shortcut myself. Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. I tried some. But ALT 3 brought me to respond to friend request.

  2. Oh wow, I never knew most of these shortcut keys strokes. Thank you!

  3. That's why! I am not sure if what shortcut key was that but there are times that I get to another page due to accidental touch of keyboard while I am breastfeeding. lol Sounds funny but yeah, breastfeeding wont stop me from doing my work on social media.

  4. This is so fun and very informative Mommy N. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I was not aware of these short cut keys, now I know.

  6. thanks for sharing the short cut keys.. these truly of help

  7. this is nice, really helpful

  8. I didn't know most of these shortcuts! Thanks for sharing.


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