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Why lighting a soul to my Bath Room

It was a sudden decision when my husband decided to tear apart out bathroom tub and fix the leak that is been there for a year. He somehow had this instinct that he has to check the back immediately, rather than wait until Summer. Didn’t think it would be that bad until the whole wall was torn apart and saw the spot where the wet wood is visibly starting to soften.

By the look on my husband’s face, you can tell that he knows about how big this development going to be. He has two choices whether f to fix it now or wait until Summer, but since they already tore it apart, I guess there is no stopping now. Still can’t quite tell about the damage as well as how bad the wall were until all the wall and the tub was actually removed from the plot.

And there it is, water runs through the wall and some of the insulation as well as wood drench.

Don’t forget about how heavy the porcelain tub [50 years old] weighs when we [there were 3 of us] tries to remove it out of the bathroom. No wonder my husband decided not to put it back and just have a shower install instead. Poor little kids, I guess they will have to cease them on using the tub.

It’s been two weeks now and finally the whole renovation is almost done. Got stocked on a dripping pipe, but after many attempts and frustrations, my husband finally figured out the dripping. It’s exhausting to go to a friend or relative’s place for a shower, plus it is a hassle to bring all those bath things you needed with you, not to mention I have a toddler and a kid to tag along with.

I’m excited about the lighting as what my husband promised, I get to choose on what lighting to install.  The only lights we have for now is in the medical kit, it’s really annoying when you need to use the mirror and the brightness isn’t on my standard and it’s bothering me.

Since, my other half has asked me to find the lighting I want to install. I did a little research and came across on website. And I am glad I did, because after browsing online I never leave the site until I found the right lighting in which I would want for my bathroom. The website has so many varieties of designs, from small to big and from simple to magnificent.

Categorized properly, I found the bath area quicker than expected. A few of the lighting, I will consider installing the bathroom are as follows: And I need your opinion as well to see which do you think might be the best fits in our simple bathroom.
First choice
Second choice
Third Choice

I’m still debating on which one goes to the bathroom, I’m not stalling the lighting, I’d rather want to keep the one that gives more light as well as it gives a nice impression and a good talk to those who uses our bathroom.

Therefore, if you need a good lighting not only for your bathroom, but most part of your home? You know exactly where to look first. I wish I had known this website before we move into this house, I could’ve had find a much better lighting installed in the different rooms of the house.

Now you know why, is lighting a soul to my bath room?


  1. Personally, I think the second set of lights are better. Its just my opinion though. I am glad that you finally had the leak fixed. If you waited to have it done, it would have caused more damage and would run up your water bill.

  2. Glad you find a good site to source out your bathroom lightning needs. Between the 3 options you got, I'd prefer the last one. I am not sure though but it seems like classy to me hahaha

  3. I like the 2nd one because I am for contemporary designs. There's nothing wrong with the other choices but I just think they are too elaborate. I like simple lines and designs :)

  4. Those lights looks nice. I am sure it will add beauty in your bathroom. We need light especially at night so we can see clearly.

  5. That was a very tough job, I love the third one based on the design. Looks so nice in a bathroom

  6. That's a awesome that he finally addressed the issue. Plumbing work is my husband's worse nightmare lol.

  7. Lighting really plays a big part in providing functionality and the right mood to every part of our homes.


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